The New (touch-less) Normal, supported by DASH

With Australia phasing out restrictions, people heading back to work and kids to school, it is safe to say that everyone’s feeling some relief in the rediscovered freedoms once taken for granted. However, with the easing of restrictions came a solemn reminder – expect things to take time, expect (re)growing pains and most of all, be ready for a New Normal.

For the most part, primary concerns have been for the safety and wellbeing of our Customers, Staff, Residents and visitors. While we are being cautioned to prepare for the New Normal, what exactly does that mean? While we don’t own a crystal ball, DASH has some suggestions to ease concern and ultimately, protect everyone from future outbreaks (COVID or otherwise).

We offer solutions to suit all kinds of businesses and applications including touchless access control, thermal cameras, entry/exit counters.

Avoid unnecessary contact with touchless exit buttons, operated seamlessly and with peace of mind using only a wave of your hand.

Have static doors that you would prefer to motorise? No problem, we can take care of those also. 

Need to ensure people entering your establishment aren’t running a fever? Thermal cameras are available in a range of levels, to suit the smallest or largest of operations.

Whatever your needs, however we all adapt. DASH is here for your no contact, social distancing solutions, supporting you and your business through the New Normal.

Complying with strict physical distancing guidelines? People counting cameras can keep you compliant with capacity restrictions and send alerts when nearing your limits.