Access Control Systems

Access Control is about convenience, security and history. Users have their own security keycard, remote or fob for security access to lifts, gates, doors and alarmed areas.

Access control also gives the administrator full functional control of the site, including extensive history reporting and the ability to add, edit and delete users at the press of a button. Time zones can be set up to allow doors or gates to open automatically between certain times.

Our trained technicians supply, install and maintain access control systems on the Gold Coast and Brisbane daily.

Wide range of solutions

Access Control Systems are a vital means of managing staff, students, guests, residents and contractors throughout a site. These access systems can vary from a simple PIN code on a gate for Energex access right through to hundreds of doors and thousands of users on a single system.

Different manufacturers look after different aspects of site security and when we conduct a site visit to assess your requirements we can see which system is best suited to your site. There is never a one size fits all when it comes to access control.

Ease of access

Access Control is designed to be simple for people moving through a site. Swipe the tag and the door opens.

Beyond just opening a door we can have the system disarm an alarm, activate lighting, etc, making convenience for the user as high a priority as security.

Access credentials are available in the form of cards, tags, keypads, remotes, wristbands, stickers, mobile phone NFC, Bluetooth, fingerprint, number plate recognition and many more.


As more systems are installed on a site, often more programs are required to run them. Smart integration of software and hardware means this process can be simplified making it easier to manage.

For example a 24/7 Gym with hundreds of members is no easy task to manage, however when a smart access control system is connected directly to the Gym Management software it becomes a breeze. As new members come on board and require access it is all automatically setup in the system with no additional input required from staff. The same applies when a member leaves or stops paying their account, the system automatically restricts access to the tag so the site is not accessible to past members.

With the new technologies available integration possibilities are endless. At DASH we strive to keep up to date with the latest and greatest and the result for our clients is security as well as convenience.

As there are so many different systems and combinations available, we at DASH think it’s an overwhelming amount of information for anyone to research and fully understand.
That’s why with every Access Control quotation one of our team is more than happy to visit the site to discuss your requirements and assess existing equipment such as; lift control options, secure areas, environmental conditions, timed access, remote access, smartphone/tablet integration, wireless solutions, networking, alarm integration, access tags, readers and much more.

Each and every Access Control installation is different and our clients have different requirements to be met, this is why we ALWAYS provide a free quotation. When there is existing equipment we can generally expand the system rather than completely replace it.

To find out more about our Access Control Systems or book a service on an existing system, please contact us or get a quote. One of our staff will be in touch ASAP.

Doors not locking? Readers not reading? “NO CONNECTION TO PANEL” message? Master users getting out of control? Dont let it get to that! Servicing your Access Control system every 12 months can prevent costly repairs and loss of data. Click here for more info.

Of course. 

If you have a good system already but want to take advantage of some new features, talk to us about what parts can be modified on the system to improve it for you. 

Upgrades can also be staged over time rather than having to outlay for a whole new system upfront!

New doors, readers and keypads can also be added to existing systems. Our systems integrates with a wide variety of other manufacturers so you can have the best of both worlds.

All DASH Technicians are fully trained, licensed and certified to ensure you get the best performance from your Access Control System. Our team guarantee discrete cabling, take the upmost care on every site to minimise disruption to staff/residents and ALWAYS leave a tidy worksite!
Beyond that our staff take the time to fully train new operators on the use of the Software and are happy to answer any questions. Group training can be arranged if necessary.

Just about anything! Doors, Gates, Lighting, Air-conditioning, Pumps, Alarms, Lifts, Irrigation Systems, Intercoms, Fire Alarm Systems, CCTV, Computers, and the list goes on…

We understand how important a functioning access control system is to every site, that’s why we offer options for 24/7 support.