Retail Alarm Systems

Keeping your store safe & secure shouldn’t be complicated. At DASH we pride ourselves on delivering the best solution for each and everyone of our clients. We understand that every site is different and so are people’s expectations and desires.

Modern alarm systems have improved ease of use through user control options such as colour touch screens, app based control and self monitoring. Self monitoring allows you to receive notifications on the status of your alarm by email, SMS or app notifications. Your alarm system can also be monitored externally, a monitoring company can contact you incase of an event and also dispatch the appropriate authorities.

Utilising our expertise and experience working with managers and staff we can recommend a system to suit your site to cover all the potential entry and exit points. Alarm equipment has become better designed in recent years going away from box shaped components to modern looking designs with slim external sirens and strobes, less obtrusive sensors, colour touch pads and wireless sensors and reed switches used for doors and windows.