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CCTV Security Systems | Gold Coast & Brisbane

DASH is a leading security focused company providing professional installation and maintenance of CCTV systems for residential and commercial properties on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems are an effective way of keeping an eye on your home, business and belongings. We supply and install CCTV systems designed to suit to your property and select from a comprehensive range of security cameras to be placed in optimal locations to ensure that your property is well covered. 

Security cameras from your CCTV system can be viewed and played back from multiple platforms over a local network, WiFi or the internet all at the same time. Apps for viewing your security cameras are available for phones and tablets through Apples App Store and the Google Play Store. Internet browsers and video management software can also used to view footage. Multiple monitors or TV’s can be set in specific locations in your building for live viewing and control.

CCTV System Benefits

Footage can be used as valuable evidence when incidents, accidents, breaches, vandalism or theft occurs. Additionally security cameras prove to be a major deterrent for thieves and burglars which provides greater peace of mind for your safety and your property.

  • Monitor movement around your property
  • Playback CCTV footage and export for evidence
  • Monitor traffic on and around your site
  • Deterrent for thieves and anti-social behaviour
  • Encourage good behaviour from employees
  • Remote viewing from multiple devices at the same time
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations

Customise & Integrate

CCTV cameras can be integrated into other security products, such as alarm systems or automated gates to open by licence plate recognition (LPR) in order to bring a further dimension of security to your property.

Security camera systems can be as simple as needed. Weather you need a single camera with footage recorded only on the camera itself or hundreds of cameras recording to a network video recorder (NVR) or server depending on the what is required. 

Specific cameras are capable of counting how many cars have driven onto a property or how many people have entered and exited a retail store or gym etc offering you valuable analytics.

Storage within the network video recorder (NVR) can be increased to suit how many security cameras are recorded and how much footage history is stored.

Our Range of CCTV Security Cameras

  • IP and coaxial
  • Short and long range turrets
  • High zoom bullets
  • Vandal resistant dome
  • Discreet recessed dome
  • Number plate recognition
  • vehicle counting
  • People counting
  • Night vision
  • Pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) with remote control and smart tracking

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Hik-Connect CCTV App
CCTV security cameras mounted on a pole
Wisenet CCTV Domes
Hikvision CCTV Range 2020

As there are so many different systems and combinations available, we at DASH think it’s an overwhelming amount of information for anyone to research and fully understand. 
That’s why with every CCTV quotation one of our team is more than happy to visit the site to discuss; cameras, recorders, coverage areas, environmental conditions, night vision, remote access, smartphone/tablet integration, wireless solutions, networking, alarm integration and much more. 
At DASH we recognise that there are no two installations the same and with our product range we tailor each CCTV system to meet our individual clients security needs and budget.

To find out more about our CCTV Systems or book a service on an existing system, please contact us or get a quote. One of our staff will be in touch ASAP.

Grainy images? strobing? “NO VIDEO” message? HDD Fail? – Dont let it get to that! Servicing your CCTV system every 18 months can prevent costly repairs and loss of footage. Click here for more info

Of course. 

If you have good cameras already but want to take advantage of some new features, talk to us about what parts can be modified on the system to improve it for you. 

Upgrades can also be staged over time rather than having to outlay for a whole new system upfront!

New cameras can also be added to existing systems. Hikvision integrates with a wide variety of other manufacturers so you can have the best of both worlds.

All DASH Technicians are fully trained, licensed and certified to ensure you get the best performance from your CCTV system. Our team guarantee discrete cabling, take the upmost care on every site to minimise disruption to staff/residents and always leave a tidy work site.
Beyond that our staff take the time to fully train new operators on the use of the CCTV system and are happy to answer any questions. 

Please note that a Class 2 Security Provider Licence and an Open Cablers Licence with “structured cabling” endorsements are required to install digital camera systems.