High Rise Building CCTV Systems

Securing your gated community has never been easier with DASH. Utilising our expertise and experience working with body corporates our gated community CCTV systems are the perfect solution for body corporates, managers and committees looking to secure entry points into the estate, car parks and common areas. Our expansive range of products means we have a camera to suit any application. Our Darkfighter range is perfectly tailored to capture vehicles entering or exiting your site in low light environments, while our Lightfighter range is perfect for building entry points with heavy light exposure due to the rising or setting sun.

One of the greatest benefits to building managers and staff are the multiple platforms (mobile app, web browser and software) that allow our clients to view live footage and review saved footage from multiple work stations and does not limit you to a single screen in the back office.

Our full range of IP and TVI cameras and Network Video Recorders all come with a 3 year replacement warranty. It is important to ensure that when purchasing a CCTV system that you are getting true 1080P HD quality, all Hikvision IP cameras are 1080P with the latest range now 4K HD quality ensuring that our cameras are the market leaders.

Challenges & Solutions

Maintaining a secure environment for your residents and guests vehicles is of high priority to many high rise building body corporates. Unwanted pedestrians pose several potential issues in car parks as they may be tempted to break into a vehicle or they themselves may be struck and injured. Well positioned cameras throughout basement carparks can track movements throughout and assist when claims are made.

Yes, systems can be retrofit to existing buildings that do not currently have CCTV systems installed. A mix of hardwired, networked and wireless cameras may be installed to meet the clients needs. It is important to ensure that all new systems installed are HD IP (Cat 5/6 cable) not Analogue (Coax cable) to ensure the systems longevity.

Well placed cameras upon entry and throughout the pool and gymnasium area will allow you to identify which resident/guest is entering after hours. Through Hikvision’s smart analytics alarms and scenarios, notifications can be setup to notify the user/s when movement is captured on specific cameras. These cameras coupled with an access control system will give you the best solution for your building.

There are multiple options available for sites that are looking to upgrade an outdated CCTV system. The first being installing a Hybrid system which allows for the existing analogue cameras to work whilst allowing for the addition of HD IP cameras. Option two, is the installation of a Hikvision TVI system which allows for HD clarity utilising existing coax cable. The third final option is the installation of a full HD IP system with new cabling for cameras, this option will always ensure longevity and will be a system that will serve your site well into the future.

For overly large entrance ways a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera along with several fixed domes will give you the best coverage. The PTZ can be setup for scheduled tours of the foyer, allowing it cover the entire area over a 40 second to 2 minute tour and the fixed cameras will cover all other areas. The PTZ is also able to be manually controlled for when you want to zoom into a specific object or follow a specific person.