Retail CCTV Systems

Securing your business has never been easier with DASH. Utilising our expertise and experience of installing and setting up CCTV systems, our business CCTV systems are the perfect solution for business owners & managers, looking to secure their premises, stock, staff, clients and assist with loss prevention. Our expansive range of products means we have a camera to suit any application. Our range of anti-vandal domes and turrets, mini domes and low-light cameras are the perfect solution for stock rooms, offices and business frontages giving you the best coverage and clarity both during the day and at night.

One of the greatest benefits to managers and staff are the multiple platforms (mobile app, web browser and software) that allow our clients to view live footage and review saved footage from multiple work stations and does not limit you to a single screen in the back office.

Our full range of IP and TVI cameras and Network Video Recorders all come with a 3 year replacement warranty. It is important to ensure that when purchasing a CCTV system that you are getting true 1080P HD quality, all Hikvision IP cameras are 1080P with the latest range now 4K HD quality ensuring that our cameras are the market leaders.