Marina Management

Manage your marina and keep it secure with ease through the implementation of the Marina Master platform, CCTV and an access control system.

Management Software

Be in complete control of your marina operations with our comprehensive marina management solution. Marina Master reduces costs, raises productivity, and thus in turn increases profit.

Marina Master offers a simple yet complete service for new bookings, enquiries, client notes, movement control, chandlery sales, sub leasing, currency exchange and invoicing. Marina Master’s revolutionary CRM portal gives your clients the ultimate in customer relationship management, allowing them to check in and out, book maintenance and cleaning for their vessel and even book that perfectly chilled bottle of champagne for their voyage.

Many of our other marina based systems such as PULS Monitoring, CCTV and Access Systems can all be integrated to Marina Master as additional modules giving you unprecedented control of your marina both onsite and offsite.

We are proud to announce that we are the Australasian agents for Marina Master Management Software. IRM (Marina Master) are a Global leader in the marina software industry and are the most popular software provider for marinas throughout Europe. Our partnership with IRM further confirms our commitment to the marina industry, as we strive to bring new and innovative technologies to our Australian clients.

PULS Metering

The PULS System provides up to the minute readings for water and power meters throughout a site. Monthly reports can be generated and customers can be on-charged for their usage. No more shock water and power accounts!

When integrated to one of our Management Partners PULS will even e-mail your customers their invoice direct! Saving your staff time and increasing cash flow.

This metering solution involves the installation of a PULS Controller to a utilities pedestal at a marina or caravan park or to existing meters in a building. As water and power are used the controller records the consumption and sends it to the Office PC for logging. At the end of each month, or billing cycle, users can generate a report and individually invoice customers for the power and water consumed. This means no more reading individual meters manually. There is also the option to turn the power and water ON and OFF to each pedestal from the office PC, iPad or Smartphone.

Key Features:

  • Invoice, record and control power & water consumption by individual berth/site.
  • Save time and money by resolving power and water wastage issues early.
  • Direct integration to Marina Management Software – allowing staff time to be used more effectively.

Backbone Cabling

A solid cabling backbone for security gates, CCTV, metering systems and data outlets can be a huge cost saving for the future. Once cabled correctly there are no limitations as to where CCTV cameras and access gates can be placed. This allows the site the freedom to grow and develop as the business does.

CCTV Installations

Our systems are all globally compliant with the security standards and proven in marine conditions. All systems include smartphone and tablet integration for viewing from anywhere in the world. Video analytics are available on all of our systems, including high-end intrusion detection for secure areas such as shipyards and marina piers.

Access Control

We handle all aspects of the security installation including the supply and manufacture of gates, gate motors and locks and integration back to a central management system. Our systems all include full control and reporting features to track user access on-site and limit access to certain areas as required. Intrusion detection for secure areas such as shipyards and marina piers.