Utility Pedestals

Custom built by DASH with outlets for power and water and components such as WiFi and speakers.

Atlantis utilites pedestal mounted on a jetty at a marina


The award winning Atlantis offers a truly innovative design to compliment any marina looking for a modern, stylish approach to the world of leisure marinas.


Since it’s inception in the late 90s, tens of thousands of Europa service pedestals have been installed on marinas throughout the UK and across the globe.

Save time and money by automating your utilities billing.

The PULS System provides up to the minute readings for water and power meters throughout a site. Monthly reports can be generated and customers can be on-charged for their usage. No more shock water and power accounts!

When integrated to one of our Management Partners PULS will even email your customers their invoice direct! Saving your staff time and increasing cash flow.

This metering solution involves the installation of a PULS Controller to a utilities pedestal at a marina or caravan park or to existing meters in a building. As water and power are used the controller records the consumption and sends it to the Office PC for logging. At the end of each month, or billing cycle, users can generate a report and individually invoice customers for the power and water consumed. This means no more reading individual meters manually. There is also the option to turn the power and water ON and OFF to each pedestal from the office PC, iPad or Smartphone.

Key Features:

  • Invoice, record and control power & water consumption by individual berth/site.
  • Save time and money by resolving power and water wastage issues early.
  • Direct integration to Marina Management Software – allowing staff time to be used more effectively.