• Stylish design
    • UV stabilised
    • Strong and durable
    • Low maintenance
    • Segregation of water and power services
    • Various LED lighting options
    • Available in virtually any colour
    • Alternative panel styles available 
    • 16 to 125 amp outlets
    • 1/2″ to 3/4″ water outlets

    The award winning Atlantis offers a truly innovative design to compliment any marina looking for a modern, stylish approach to the world of leisure marinas.

    Manufactured in marine grade HDPE, Atlantis has been designed to withstand the effects of salt water, moisture, direct sunlight, along with extreme temperatures.

    Atlantis’s unique and innovative design also affords the complete segregation of it’s water and power services as a standard feature.

    Atlantis exhibits high impact strength as well as excellent tensile strength, and the resistance to cracking.

    The decorative textured surface does not show wear, dirt or scratches resulting in a minimal cleaning and maintenance programme.

    Available in a wide variety of colours, the appearance of the Atlantis can be further enhanced with the addition of aluminium composite panels along with various LED lighting options.

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